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Mother. Grandmother. Rocker. International Best Selling Author of the Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series. Although I was born and raised in the City, after my family moved from our home and went east, I fell in love and married the country boy who was my high school sweetheart...And almost 22 years laters, we are expecting our first grandchild.

Favorite Author of 2013 Nomination

OMG! I have been nominated as Favorite Author of 2013!  I think I may just faint right here! I am so honored to have my name next to so many awesome authors. THANK YOU ♥ 

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New Release!!

Hardcore Captivity (Rock N Roll Paraphantasy Series) - AmBear Shellea

18+ Paranormal Fantasy Romance Releasing today. #hotinkpress New Release! Hardcore Captivity Book 3 in The Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series 2.99
Tears filled his eyes as his heart shattered in his
chest, leaving what felt like glass embedding in every
fiber of his being, shredding his soul, and stealing his
breath. His muscles trembled under the weight of guilt
and he fell upon the ground in a fit of sorrow. His
screams of inner turmoil split his ears and thundered
inside his head. He rolled onto his side as his body tried to reject
the pain and agony, by wrenching the bile from deep in
his stomach.
“Get it all out, Jaxson! We have bigger plans for you."

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Book Signing

Book signing went awesome today!  I have to say, it may have been a smaller crowd, but it was a lively crowd that is for sure! Had an absolute blast!  The food was sweet but the convos got very spicy...which becasue we were in a libaray, made it all that much funnier.


I can't wait for the new year and more signings! I love to meet new people and the people I am meeting feel more like friends than like fans.


Had a wonderful day!


Off to do some writing, have an awesome week my frens!

Nice to meet you!

Hello there, thank you for stopping by. I am new to Booklikes but am looking forward to learning my way around and meeting new folks such as yourself. Hey by the way, how about we introduce each other, I'll start...


Aside from what you read in the description, I am a huge Rock-a-Holic! I love all music but some hard ass aggressive rock really helps get me motivated. My fav bands to listen to are ACDC, Nickelback, Metallica, Pop Evil, Halestorm (Lizzy Hale freakin rocks!) Evanescence and several others but those are at the top of my list.  Who are your faves?


As you read I am an author, and I love my job. What's my fav part besides creating awesome characters? I get to go to work everyday in Jammies!  My office is in my den and my Pepsi is never far away...neither is my cat, Little Man or my dog, Zeus. they help me...well, not much but they are good at listening to my crazy ideas and offering up distractions when I need them the least. :) I wouldn't have it any other way.


Well, here I am hammering on, so tell me a little about yourself.