New Release!!

Hardcore Captivity (Rock N Roll Paraphantasy Series) - AmBear Shellea

18+ Paranormal Fantasy Romance Releasing today. #hotinkpress New Release! Hardcore Captivity Book 3 in The Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series 2.99
Tears filled his eyes as his heart shattered in his
chest, leaving what felt like glass embedding in every
fiber of his being, shredding his soul, and stealing his
breath. His muscles trembled under the weight of guilt
and he fell upon the ground in a fit of sorrow. His
screams of inner turmoil split his ears and thundered
inside his head. He rolled onto his side as his body tried to reject
the pain and agony, by wrenching the bile from deep in
his stomach.
“Get it all out, Jaxson! We have bigger plans for you."